ITKeSMu Sidrap Holds International Guest Lecture, Followed by Four Countries

Senin, 05 September 2022 | 10:45 WIB Last Updated 2022-09-05T08:42:26Z

Dr Muhammad Tahir., SKM., M.Kes,.


Sebaran, Indonesia - Muhammadiyah Institute of Health and Science Technology (ITKeSMu) Sidrap, held an International Guest Lecture or international guest lecture, the center was in the Iqra Hall, ITKeSMu Sidrap Campus, 5 September 2022.

The activity, which was attended by 700 participants from 4 countries, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Indonesia, was opened directly by the Chancellor of ITKeSMu Sidrap, Dr Muhammad Tahir., SKM., M.Kes,.


While acting as resource persons, respectively, Dr. Nurhira Abdul Kadir, MPH Cand. Ph,D from University of Wollongong Australia, Syamsinar Samsuddin from UHUD General Hospital Medina Saudi Arabia, and Wahyuni Ali dari Alrass Qassim General Hospital Saudi Arabia

Meanwhile, Dr. Nurhira Abdul Kadir at this event brought a material entitled The Application of Therapist Communication in Supporting Hospital Services.

Meanwhile, Ns. Ahmad Yani, S.Kep et al, who are alumni working in Japan, presented a material entitled Testimonials of Alumni Working in Saudi Arabia and Japan.

Then, Roni, S.Pd, M.Pd who is an English Lecturer and Ansari Abdillah, the recipient of the Ministry of Education and Culture's flagship scholarship at Bussiness English Communication (BEC) UNM brought Testimonials while Young Learning English and Communicating in English.

The ITKeSMu Sidrap international guest lecture was also attended by students, staff and ITKeSMu Sidrap lecturers

The Chancellor of ITKeSMu Sidrap, Dr Muhammad Tahir., SKM., M.Kes, when opening the event said that the international lectures were held when the odd semester of the new year 2022/2023 started.

In his remarks, Dr. Tahir, beyond the importance of learning and mastering international languages, "Of course, with this provision, it will become capital for students and alumni to work in the country," he said.

As conveyed by Dr. Tahir, ITKeSMu Sidrap has produced alumni and not a few are interested and have worked abroad. "As long as it is known, there are already many of our alumni who have devoted themselves abroad," he said, closing (*)

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